Aerial Fitness

Aerial fitness wear and Lyra hoop clothing are designed to offer both functionality and style for activities that require a great deal of movement, flexibility, and strength in the air. Here's a description for each:

  1. Aerial Fitness Wear: This type of clothing is typically made of stretchy, durable fabrics like spandex or Lycra, which allow for a full range of motion while also providing support and compression. The designs are often form-fitting to prevent any loose fabric from catching or interfering with aerial equipment. Key features include:

    • Breathability: To keep the wearer cool during intense workouts.
    • Moisture-wicking: To draw sweat away from the body.
    • Seamless or flat seams: To prevent chafing and ensure comfort while performing aerial movements.
    • High-waisted leggings or shorts: For secure coverage and support.
    • Snug-fitting tops: Often with long sleeves to protect the arms, or crop tops for flexibility and style.
  2. Lyra Hoop Clothing: Clothing for Lyra hoop, a type of aerial art, is similar to general aerial fitness wear but often includes specific features suited for the hoop. These might include:

    • Extra padding in key areas: Like the waist and thighs to provide cushioning against the hoop.
    • Grip-enhancing fabrics: In areas where the body contacts the hoop to aid in stability and safety.
    • Versatile designs: That allow for both elegant performances and rigorous practice sessions.
    • Stylish and artistic elements: Such as unique patterns, mesh inserts, or decorative accents that are both functional and visually appealing.
    • Durability and flexibility: Essential for withstanding the demands of Lyra hoop maneuvers.

Both types of clothing balance the need for functionality in aerial arts with a desire for aesthetic appeal, often coming in a variety of colors and styles to suit different preferences.