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Solid Titanium Stainless Steel Sushi chopsticks -

Solid Titanium Stainless Steel Sushi chopsticks -

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Titanium Metal Chopsticks for Noodles Sushi Cutlery Cookware 


About this item

  •  Solid titanium chopsticks made from TA1 grade pure titanium, food safe standard material. Titanium polishing makes chopsticks more beautiful.
  •  Reusable solid titanium chopsticks, high and low temperature resistant, weight 1.69oz. / 47.6g, size 9.05inch / 23cm, it's impossible to bend.
  • Dishwasher Safe, makes clean easy. No grease residue, does NOT absorb soap, 
  • Square design makes chopsticks not easy rolling, Anti-Slip design is more easier to grab the food.
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