History of the Leggings

History of the Leggings

History of Leggings

History of the Leggings

One fact is men wore the first Leggings. Military men would wear protective leggings as an undergarment to protect their legs from harsh situations. Later into the 19th century, little girls and boys wore pantalettes that originated in France. Pantalettes for women were worn under the hoop skirt to keep from showing the legs. However, it wasn't until the mid 50's that a scientist named J Shivers created the Lycra material. 

Finally, in the '60s, a woman wore leggings and Miniskirts. The '70s were a time when shiny, spandex leggings became a thing. You would see a lot of Girls wearing tight leggings at the discotheque. 

Then in the 1980s, thanks to Jane Fonda, the Leggings became famous underneath leotards for exercising. Next, the fitness craze made leggings commonplace for working out. Next, Madonna started wearing it underneath her skirts. 

 Finally, in the '90s, we saw Leggings with boots become the norm. Fast forward to today, where women live in their leggings, whether at work or the gym or even on date night; the leggings are the most comfortable and versatile fashion you can find. We are in a comfort culture, and what is more relaxing than throwing on a pair of favorite leggings paired with your favorite top? And now, with the popularity of the bubble butt, what better way to show off your plump derriere in a tight form fitting and but lifting legging.  


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